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(Bio)inert RP/HILIC (U)HPLC Columns: YMC Accura Triart and YMC-Triart metal-free

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RP and HILIC bioinert YMC Accura Triart columns are available for the analysis of critical substances including selected proteins, (oligo)nucleotides and metal-coordinating compounds such as organophosphates.

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Electronegative substances such as (oligo)nucleotides, selected proteins, and metal-coordinating compounds such as organophosphates can interact with standard column hardware made of stainless steel or titanium. The adsorption by metallic surfaces usually leads to peak tailing, carry over, and loss of recovery. Standard column hardware needs a pre-conditioning step to overcome these issues, but that is a time consuming and recurring task.

YMC provides 2 different bioinert hardware options for these challenging analytes. The recently introduced YMC Accura Triart (U)HPLC columns feature a bioinert surface coating of the column body and the frits. This is less hydrophobic than the well-known YMC-Triart metal-free columns where the stainless steel hardware is lined with PEEK and PEEK frits are used. The YMC Accura Triart columns are also more robust and require no special connections, while the YMC-Triart metal-free columns are ideally combined with a connector such as MarvelXACT. Both hardware options provide excellent peak shapes and recoveries as well as no carry over effects.

YMC Accura and YMC-Triart metal-free columns Features:

  • Full bioinertness at high pressure limits
  • Excellent peak shapes and high sensitivity
  • Reproducible results day-after-day
  • Ideal for highly sensitive LC/MS analyses
  • No carry-over effects

YMC Accura and YMC-Triart metal-free columns Characteristics:

  • Phases: YMC-Triart C18, Bio C18, C18 ExRS, C8, Bio C4, PFP, Phenyl, Diol-HILIC
  • Particle sizes: 1.9, 3 and 5 µm
  • Pressure limits: 100 MPa for 1.9 µm, 45 MPa for 3 and 5 µm particles
    pH range: 1-12
  • Max. Temperature: up to 90°C

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