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Tecan's suite of microparticulate solid phase extraction (SPE) consumables uses microparticulate sorbents with optimized small flow paths, to ensure greater contact with the analyte molecules. This enables better clean-up of the sample matrix, leading to cleaner sample extracts.Tecan also offers a variety of sorbent chemistries, from state-of-the-art polymer technologies to unique target resins for more complex workflows.

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Infinite M Nano


The Infinite M Nano absorbance plate reader offers optimum sensitivity for ELISAs and low volume nucleic acid or protein quantification assays. Its automated pathlength correction combined with the low volume NanoQuant Plate™ consistently deliver highly precise results day after day, independent of sample volumes. The Infinite M Nano is one of six new tailored reader configurations based on the acclaimed Infinite 200 PRO. T…

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Agilent 8890 GC System

Agilent Technologies

The 8890 Gas Chromatograph system meets specific analysis demands with speed, accuracy, and reliability. Built-in intelligence, 6th-generation electronic pneumatic control (EPC), and a unique browser interface that lets you monitor your system from home, office, or remote location increase productivity and uptime.

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