Seal of Quality Program

SelectScience® Seals of Quality recognize products that have consistently received multiple positive reviews on SelectScience® and are designed to assist scientists in making purchasing decisions.

Seals of Quality are assigned to approximately 0.1 % of products on the SelectScience® website and allocated in line with strict criteria based on the quantity of reviews a product has received and the average rating of those reviews. See the current list of Seals of Quality products.

There are four levels of Seal, based on overall review rating:

Diamond: >4.5 out of 5, minimum 500 reviews.
Platinum: >4.5 out of 5, minimum 200 reviews.
Gold: >4.5 out of 5, minimum 100 reviews.
Silver: >4.2 out of 5, minimum 75 reviews.
Bronze: >4 out of 5, minimum 50 reviews.

SelectScience Seal of Quality badges

Seal of Quality recipients are announced quarterly and the Seals are dated by the year in which they are attained. Manufacturers will qualify based on their overall product review rating on SelectScience®.

SelectScience trusted reviews

Phenomenex CEO says...
"Independent customer reviews are absolutely critical to our success."
Fasha Mahjoor, CEO, Phenomenex

Erin Downing, Senior Marketing Manager, Waters Corporation says...
“We're absolutely thrilled that four of our products have now won SelectScience Seals of Quality, which will serve to raise the profile of our products even further, driving awareness and engagement with our customers.”

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