SelectScience is much more than a business, it’s a mission: To make the world a better place

And this is how we do it…

Ever since it was founded in 1998, SelectScience® has always been focused on making the future healthier by effectively connecting the world’s scientists and scientific manufacturers.

But that’s only half the story.

You cannot have a bold stated aim like that without backing it up with a set of core values and authentic principles that act as the company’s DNA. Be it economically, environmentally, as employers or philanthropists, SelectScience is committed to ensuring the impact our company on the world stays true to our mission in everything we do.

To some businesses, this is called Corporate Social Responsibility. To us? It’s just who we are. That’s what comes from decades of working with leading scientists, health professionals and scientific manufacturers, all working toward the same overarching goal – to build a better future.

We know it’s a hugely privileged position and that’s why we believe it’s so important to give back to the world just as it gives to us, and work hard to ensure SelectScience has a positive impact on society in everything we do and how we work.

Here are just a few examples..

A healthier world

You’ll probably know this already – but it’s the big picture: SelectScience is passionate about and wholly dedicated to promoting scientists worldwide and providing them with all the key information they need to select the best products and techniques to accelerate their work. It’s what gets us up in the morning 24/7, 365 days of the year.

A fairer, more accessible world

Every day, people build their businesses on our platform. We empower small businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to access a vast marketplace, enabling them to sell globally whilst growing locally.

  • We open doors across the world. Being 100% digital, we can reach and work with organizations and scientists in developing and emerging markets, giving them a level playing field, a voice and access to the global scientific community.
  • We invest in today’s scientists to impact tomorrow’s world. We work with local universities to recruit science graduates and interns, developing them into scientific communication specialists.
  • We support young science undergraduates globally. We offer a sponsorship scheme for those who face personal disadvantages to attend university, with the aim of helping to create the next generation of pioneering scientists. More Here
  • We reward effective innovation and share success. Through the Scientists’ Choice Awards and Seals of Quality programs, we give scientists a voice to recognize the manufacturers, large or small, who really listen to their needs and then provide the best tools to advance their work.

A greener world

Our connection with leading environmental scientists and innovators has proved a great inspiration when it comes to enhancing our own green credentials.

Internally, we are fully focused on improving our energy efficiency, for example, by minimizing our energy consumption, cutting out unnecessary travel and reducing our waste.

Externally, of course, we are proponents of effective digital communication in all its forms, with the many environmental benefits that brings.

  • Everything we do is digital. SelectScience has published reams of brilliant content every day for over two decades – without disturbing a single tree.
  • We bring the world together online. Through our Virtual Summits and webinars, we offer a crucial platform for the science industry to continue to connect, share knowledge and provide technology solutions at this critical time. With tens of thousands of people previously traveling from around the world to attend physical conferences, this commitment alone has helped to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint significantly.

    In May 2020, our Virtual Summit on Cancer and Immunology Research reached over 780,000 scientists
  • From the U.S. to Europe, all of our employees are now working from home. We will continue to review this with them.
  • We practice zero waste wherever possible. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle: we are committed to promoting a paperless work environment and recycling within the workspace.
  • Local suppliers for our goods and services are used wherever possible. As well as supporting the local economy, it helps to reduce unnecessary transport.

A better world

Spurred by our passion for actively bettering society, SelectScience goes beyond simply operating as ethically as possible to make an impact in other areas.

  • We may be scientists, but we support the arts too and have sponsored an internationally renowned jazz acappella group at the Edinburgh Fringe for a number of years. More Here
  • For every review published in its latest Every Review Counts campaign, SelectScience donates $1 to good causes, such as charities working towards greener labs, STEM subjects and infectious disease education, and humanitarian aid. More Here
  • Separately, we have raised money for two charities particularly close to our hearts: Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy UK.
  • But let’s not forget, charity begins at home and we are proud of our record as employers who care for our team. That’s what helped us win the UK Life Science Employer of the Year. More Here

Thank you to all our partners, members and to the SelectScience team, past and present, for helping to make SelectScience what it is today.

Arif & Louise Butt, Co-Founders, SelectScience