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Anti-doping testing
Anti-Doping Science
Anti-Doping Testing

With the Paris 2024 Olympics approaching quickly, discover the incredible hard work of the anti-doping scientists, labs, and institutes involved in keeping sports clean and safe

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Advances in Molecular Oncology
Pre-Clinical Development
Advances in molecular oncology

Discover the latest breakthroughs in molecular oncology with our curated resources and technology highlights

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Life Sciences

Explore our proteomics feature to see how technologies such as protein sequencing and AI are advancing the field to accelerate health and disease research.

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Clinical Diagnostics
Liquid Biopsies & Companion Diagnostics

Review the latest advances in the development of liquid biopsies, the molecular technologies used in this workflow, and how they can be used to detect disease earlier, their use as companion diagnostics to determine the best treatments for patients, and how they can be used to monitor disease recovery or progress following treatment.

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Lab Automation
Automation, Robotics & the Connected Laboratory

This feature spans life sciences, drug discovery & development, clinical, analytical chemistry and food, bringing together a wide variety of automation and technology solutions to encourage discussion and learning across the different disciplines.

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Environmental Sample Workflows and Analysis

This feature highlights the hot topics in environmental contamination and monitoring workflows, from sample preparation to analysis and including pesticide, mycotoxin, chemical and other contamination of soil, air, or water, and the technologies used to increase the number of samples that can be processed to detect contaminants at the lowest levels.

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Food & Beverage
Ensuring Food Quality, Safety, and Authenticity

Explore the technologies and methods that are enabling food testing laboratories to detect key attributes that determine food quality and safety, including contaminants, as well as the methods used to determine the authenticity of food products and their ingredients.

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