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Tackling the PFAS challenge

There is plenty we do not know about PFAS, including their full health and environmental impacts. How we will clean them up is also unclear. However, with increased regulatory, scientific, and public scrutiny, we are beginning to address the problem for the first time. Explore the uncertainty surrounding PFAS, their profound health and environmental impacts, and the ongoing challenges in establishing effective cleanup strategies.

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Battery testing
MEET and Shimadzu revolutionize battery research

Dr. Sascha Nowak from MEET Battery Research Center showcases their research collaboration with Shimadzu, focusing on electrolyte aging, metal migration, recycling, and battery safety using advanced instruments for sustainable battery technologies.

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Lab automation
Auto dilution system redefines sustainability in labs

Eric Vanclay and Andrew Ryan share how Agilent Technologies' Advanced Dilution System 2 (ADS 2) enhances lab efficiency and accuracy, while significantly reducing environmental impacts by minimizing plastic waste and argon usage.

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ASMS 2024 Annual Conference highlights

From breaking news on new technology announcements, to research insights into mapping the deep proteome and untargeted and more comprehensive PFAS analysis, here is a brief roundup of SelectScience's highlights this year, with well over 500 exhibitors and almost 7000 scientists in attendance.

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