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How to Annex 1-proof your facility

The revised EU GMP Annex 1 outlines comprehensive guidance for manufacturers of sterile medicinal products, focusing on aspects such as facility design, equipment control, system management, and procedural oversight to prevent microbial, particulate, and endotoxin/pyrogen contamination. To support adherence to the revised Annex 1 guidelines, this resource hub, offers access to tools for monitoring air and water quality to ensure product compliance with recommended parameters.

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High-throughput proteomics empowers genomics

Proteogenomics is an interdisciplinary field that combines techniques from genomics and proteomics to study the relationship between an organism's genome and proteome. Proteogenomic studies are rapidly becoming a cornerstone in biological research and development, offering new insights into biological systems, drug discovery, and understanding diseases. In the resource below, we explore the new era of proteogenomics-driven research and how this is an integral tool for answering the biggest questions in human biology.

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Better tests for better health: Best practices to transform assay development

Clinical diagnostic tools provide important information for clinicians, enabling them to deliver a definitive diagnosis and appropriate treatment and/or management plan to a patient. Click below to explore the assays designed to detect infectious diseases, pathological conditions, and metabolic states to allow clinicians to treat patients with greater accuracy and speed than ever before.

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Clinical mass spectrometry: End-to-end solutions for toxicology, diagnostics, and beyond

Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is increasingly used in clinical labs. Nevertheless, implementing LC-MS technology has its challenges. Read on to explore how to overcome these issues with Thermo Fisher Scientific's advanced instruments, automated tools, and user-friendly software. Explore streamlined workflows for fast compound analysis, see how surgeons use MS for rapid cancer detection, and learn about lab-developed test solutions through success stories from clinical mass spectrometry experts.

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Comprehensive nutritional composition analysis for compliant and consistent food products

Composition analysis is a critical testing competency of food manufacturers and contract testing laboratories. Analyzing the composition of a product is vital to confirm compliance with regulations, accurate labeling, and consistent composition.​ This resource addresses five different aspects of food composition analysis – sugar, sugar substitutes and additives, vitamins, organic acids, and amino acids.

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Master PFAS analysis for a healthier and safer future

Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) pose a significant challenge in contemporary environmental and health research due to their extensive use and enduring nature. Accurate, comprehensive analysis is essential to understand the environmental implications and potential health risks linked to PFAS compounds. This central hub contains knowledge and resources tailored to professionals focusing on PFAS analysis in drinking water, wastewater, and biofluids. Click below to explore, engage, and advance your expertise in PFAS analysis with us.

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