Effortlessly create and optimize analytical methods with the PAL Method Composer (PMC)

Analytical chemists and analysts face a mountain of challenges when it comes to developing and testing their analytical methods. Between keeping up with the literature, manual laboratory work, tackling tricky workflow issues, and keeping things slick and precise, it's a lot for one person to handle.

Sample automation and optimization can easily feel like an additional burden. Hence, accessibility and user friendliness are key factors in considering lab software solutions.

The PAL Method Composer (PMC) tackles exactly this, making method creation a breeze.

  • No coding experience needed
  • Easy drag & drop
  • Automation for everyone
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Build methods from scratch in no time

Hunting for the right analytical methods online can 
be like striking gold when you finally discover the perfect fit.

Developing a new workflow and trying a new method can be very manual and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be!

Simply, fire up the PAL Method Composer (PMC), and you're off to the races. The PMC smashes the boundaries of platform restrictions and ensures that even non-experts can craft, execute and adjust methods with ease.

  • Enjoy its intuitive and user-friendly design
  • Be efficient with its Drag & Drop functions
  • Enhance the reproducibility of your results
  • Reduce manual errors and save time
  • Reduce costs by implementing micromethods

From steps to methods in minutes

Download PMC information

Select steps from the PMC and arrange them into a complete method

  • All workflow steps come with a full set of optimized default parameters for best liquid handling performance
  • PMC allows on the fly workflow validation (step by step)

Explore the world of methods available online

Miniaturize your workflows and save solvents

Micro-Solid Phase Extraction (μSPE)

Go Micro

PMC also supports all μSPE workflow steps (since version 1.4)

Reduce the volume of solvents and amount of samples that are needed for your sample preparation workflow and effectively save money while also following green analytical chemistry principles.

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