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Tecan's suite of microparticulate solid phase extraction (SPE) consumables uses microparticulate sorbents with optimized small flow paths, to ensure greater contact with the analyte molecules. This enables better clean-up of the sample matrix, leading to cleaner sample extracts.Tecan also offers a variety of sorbent chemistries, from state-of-the-art polymer technologies to unique target resins for more complex workflows.

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SPEware Positive Processor provides clean samples at huge time savings!


Average Rating 5.0

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Toxicology - removing drugs of abuse from urine

The SPEware CEREX System 48 Processor is a wonderful product for a small lab. We process about 20 samples a day through the positive pressure manifold, and it is so simple to use. You just add sample to SPE columns and the manifold does the rest! You can set it to drip slowly or push all the sample out of the columns quickly. I would recommend this to any small to medium lab that needs a clean sample before running on your instrument!

Review Date: 26 Nov 2019 | Tecan

The high capture efficiency of microparticle sorbents allows much smaller bed sizes to be used in Cerex columns compared to conventional sorbents; a 20 mg Cerex column typically exhibits the same effective capacity as a 100 mg, 40 μm conventional SPE product.

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