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SpectraMax QuickDrop Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

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Rapid, accurate DNA, RNA, and protein quantitation in a one-touch, full-spectrum micro-volume absorbance reader.

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Nanodrop killer!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Protien quantification / RNA / DNA

Excellent bit of kit. Really quick and accurate readings, and very easy to clean. Screen is big and easy to follow, and has no moving parts which I like. Shared between a few people in the lab, and we are replacing our Nanodrops with these.

Review Date: 4 Aug 2020 | Molecular Devices®

The SpectraMax® QuickDrop™ Micro-Volume Absorbance Spectrophotometer addresses the needs of life science researchers who quantify very small amounts of DNA, RNA, oligos, and proteins. It allows you to set up your laboratory with a minimal investment of time, cost, and effort.

The SpectraMax QuickDrop provides you with the flexibility to work with your micro-volume samples in the platform that best suits your research. The built-in sample port allows you to work with volumes as small as 0.5 µL, preserving your precious samples, while the cuvette port lets you expand your work to include larger volume samples.

The SpectraMax QuickDrop is a stand-alone unit with a small footprint and does not require a direct connection to a dedicated computer. The large, high-resolution touch-screen interface offers you the ability to take advantage of pre-configured analysis methods, set up your customized experiment with ease, or export your data to a USB flash drive for additional analysis.

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