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Axopatch™ 200B Capacitor Feedback Patch Clamp Amplifier

Molecular Devices®Available: Worldwide

The premier microelectrode amplifier for ultra-low noise patch clamp recordings

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Most advanced instrument for the recording of single channel activity


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Patch-Clamp recording of single ion channel activity

Magnificent instrument, particularly designed for the recording of single channel (one macromolecule!) activity. Based off the most advanced technology for electrophysiological measurement of ionic membrane currents undec most reliable voltage-clamo condition.

Review Date: 24 Mar 2022 | Molecular Devices®

Insuperable instrument by far the best in the market.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Recording of single ion channel activity

Axopatch 200 B by Molecular Devices was originally designed and manufactured by AXON Instruments, a former San Francisco Bay Area instruments which eventually was acquired by Molecular Devices (also A SF Bay Area company). Axopatch 200 B is a second generation of patch-clamp amplifier (an improvement of Axopatch 200A). Since its inception in the market it has been the best amplifier to directly record single molecule (ion channel) functional activity which a resolution of even fraction of pA (pico ampere, that is 10^-12 Ampere). Its design is based on a capacitance feedback loop at its entrance. In addition, its flexibility is superb, allowing to also been able to be utilized for recording macroscopic ion currents from a patch-clamp whole-cell configuration. Is a reliable accurate and durable instrument.

Review Date: 24 Jan 2022 | Molecular Devices®

The Axopatch 200B Capacitor Feedback Patch Clamp Amplifier offers one of the lowest-noise single-channel recordings available via innovative capacitor-feedback technology. The amplifier features proprietary technology that provides active headstage cooling that reduces electrical noise close to the theoretical limits of physics.

Key Features:

  • Ultra low-noise current and voltage patch clamp amplifier
  • Integrates with any data acquisition system
  • Optimized for whole-cell and single-channel recordings
  • Three recording modes from sub-pA to hundreds of nA currents

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