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Axon Digidata 1550B Low-Noise Data Acquisition System plus HumSilencer

Molecular Devices®Available: Worldwide

High-resolution, low-noise digitizer with 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise elimination

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Worth investing


Average Rating 5.0

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ionc hannel physiology

We used it on a daily basis and it is worth it

Review Date: 21 Nov 2023 | Molecular Devices®

Best product of its kind in the marked


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Analog-to-Digital Converter for any kind of voltage signals

Excellent AD converter, particularly designed for electrophysiological recordings. The input signals should be voltage, then it could be use to any other king of recordings provided they are voltage.

Review Date: 1 Sept 2023 | Molecular Devices®

The best of the best.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Patch Clamp

I have been user of Molecular Devices' patch clamp products for the last 10 years. Recently, I bought the Axon Digidata 1550B plus HumSilencer. Being a physiologist, I understand the pain of trying to eliminate electrical noise. Axon Digidata 1550B comes with an intelligent hum-noise eliminator, and I have to say that it's one of the best noise eliminators I have seen. It is highly robust in function and easy to use.

Review Date: 17 Mar 2020 | Molecular Devices®

The Axon Digidata® 1550B plus HumSilencer® is one of the most advanced analog-to-digital signal converters on the market, offering the innovative line synchronous noise-canceling feature, HumSilencer. This advanced feature learns, adapts, and eliminates local 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise and high-frequency harmonics from incoming signals. The digitizer works with pCLAMPTM 11 Software for data acquisition and analysis. The software supports eight channels of analog acquisition and four acquisition modes.

Key features:

  • Built-in HumSilencer in up to four channels enabled by a single click
  • Eliminates 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise in less than one second
  • Learns noise between sweeps for episodic experiments
  • Supports analysis of very small signals
  • Eight analog outputs

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