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SpectraMax® M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

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SpectraMax M Series - With six different models to choose from, it's easy to find the one you want for your lab

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Analyze total proteins and active proteins in leech saliva extract

As an analytical chemist, spectroscopy is one of my best friends in my daily life. I working at Biopep Medikal and we are working on a project where we extract leech saliva and apply it in the treatment of prostate cancer. Every step in our work requires the usage of a spectrophotometer, beginning with measuring the total protein and then measuring the activity of active proteins followed by identifying the endotoxin in finished products. SpectraMax M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader makes my life easy as it is fully automatic, precise, fast and easy to use. You canuse it for luminescence, fluorescence, UV-visible absorbance, BRET and FRET detection.

Review Date: 23 Oct 2020 | Molecular Devices®

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Average Rating 4.0

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SpectraMax readers are the workhorses of our immunoassay group. Despite all the bells and whistles and comings and goings of new instrument platforms, the colorimetric ELISA still serves our purposes 90% of the time. Especially useful is the included SoftMax Pro data analysis software, which we've been using for over 10 years with the various upgrades and tweaks.

Review Date: 7 Jun 2019 | Molecular Devices®

The SpectraMax M5e Microplate Reader enables five modes of detection with the additional benefit of being certified for Cisbio Bioassays’ HTRF Assays.

The SpectraMax® M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader delivers single-mode reader performance in one multi-mode reader package. The dual monochromator optics allow the widest range of applications to be utilized for bioresearch and drug discovery applications, all without the need to change filters.

The SpectraMax M5e Micoplate Reader is the standard for UV/Visible multi-mode reader absorbance, providing ultrafast, full spectral range detection for cuvettes, 96-well and 384-well microplates.

Using the patented PathCheck® Pathlength Measurement Technology, the SpectraMax M5e Microplate Reader transforms each well in a microplate to a fixed optical pathlength cuvette. This temperature-independent normalization corrects for varying well volumes and can eliminate standard curves by allowing the calculation of concentrations directly from the absorbance with a known extinction coefficient, as exemplified with nucleic acid and protein quantitation.

For fluorescence intensity, time resolved fluorescence, and fluorescence polarization assays, the SpectraMax M5e Micoplate Reader optical design provides the highest level of flexibility. Users can select from top or bottom read modes for improved sensitivity for solution and cell-based assays. Assays can be better optimized by scanning across a range of wavelengths in increments as small as 1 nm. Up to 4 wavelength pairs can be read in one protocol for endpoint and kinetic measurements, allowing for fast setup of FRET and TR-FRET assays, including CisBio's HTRF assay. For luminescence, the SpectraMax M5e Microplate Reader utilizes a dedicated luminescence photomultiplier tube (PMT), providing the user the maximum signal and lowest background possible for glow luminescence reporter gene assays.

The SpectraMax M5e Microplate Reader is supplied with SoftMax Pro Data Acquisition & Analysis Software, Molecular Devices' industry leading all-in-one software. Among the various ready-to-read protocols, users will find pre-written µ Max protocols enabling Low Volume applications measurement. Additionally, the SpectraMax M5e Micoplate Reader can be seamlessly integrated with the StakMax Microplate Handling Stacker through SoftMax Pro Microplate Data Acquisition & Analysis Software.

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