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Robust bioinert columns for a new level of recovery: YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns

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Bioinert coated YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns provide excellent peak shapes for sensitive compounds, ensuring high recovery from the very first injection.

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The non-porous hydrophilic polymer beads of the BioPro IEX stationary phases enable exceptionally high efficiencies and high throughput analyses. Even small sample variations can be easily separated and detected. The superior lot-to-lot reproducibility guarantees highly reliable results. BioPro IEX SF with its strong cation exchanger functionality is particularly ideal for analysing charge variants of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) or other proteins. On the other hand, the strong anion exchanger BioPro IEX QF is the first choice for high-resolution analysis of oligonucleotides of different lengths as well as mAbs with lower pI.

Benefits from using YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns
YMC Accura columns feature a bioinert surface coating of the column body and frits. The combination of the bioinert coated column hardware and the high efficiency stationary phases of YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns provide excellent peak shapes for sensitive compounds. They ensure high recovery from the very first injection and at the same time prevent carry-over. This advantage stands out especially when analysing oligonucleotides compared to conventional PEEK hardware. YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns are not only very inert, but are also available with smaller column IDs, making them ideal for use in native IEX-MS analysis. Different column lengths are available for different purposes: Very short 30 mm columns provide high throughput, while 150 mm columns provide higher resolution.

YMC Accura BioPro IEX Features:

  • Superior resolution
  • High recovery rate
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • High throughput

YMC Accura BioPro IEX Characteristics:

  • Phases: non-porous strong anion exchanger (QF), non-porous strong cation exchanger (SF)
  • Particle size: 3, 5µm
  • pH range: 2 – 12
  • Hardware: bioinert coated stainless-steel hardware
  • Internal diameter: 4.6 and 2.1 mm (ideal for LC-MS)
  • Length: 30-150 mm

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