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Pilot columns flexible for customisation

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Does your application require customised pilot columns? With YMC Pilot columns, customised versions can be constructed to address your needs. Of course standard dimensions are available, too!

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YMC Pilot columns are designed for use in pilot and production scale applications. They are available as aqueous buffer (AB) or organic solvent (SR) stable version. This makes them applicable for all common applications in liquid chromatography including normal phase, reversed phase or BioLC.

The columns are designed with a flow distribution plate and a frit made of fully porous materials, which are securely fixed into the piston. Due to the optimum flow distribution, excellent chromatographic results can be achieved. Furthermore, the column bed is compressed homogenously during column packing. This way, an optimum packing quality is guaranteed.

YMC Pilot characteristics:

  • Inner diameters: 100, 140, 200, 300 mm
  • Column lengths: 500, 800 mm
  • Customisation possible

YMC Pilot features:

  • Excellent packing results and column performance
  • Easy operation and fast maintenance
  • Heating/cooling jackets available for temperature sensitive applications

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