Comparison of bioinert columns for oligonucleotide separations

22 May 2024

Oligonucleotides are crucial in genetic testing, research, and forensics, requiring robust and sensitive analytical methods. Ion pair reversed phase liquid chromatography is the gold standard, but stainless steel tubing and columns pose challenges due to corrosion and undesired ionic interactions with oligonucleotides. These interactions can negatively impact recovery and peak shape, especially at low to neutral pH. Traditional passivation methods are time-consuming and temporary. A more robust solution is using bioinert systems and columns. YMC Europe presents the YMC-Accura Triart series, with bioinert coatings and multi-stage endcapping, offering an ideal solution for oligonucleotide analysis. For short PS RNA oligonucleotides, YMC reports that the YMC-Accura Triart Bio C18 provides the optimum separation results compared to other columns specifically designed for oligonucleotide separations, and from a chromatographic point of view, it provided the best peak shapes and resolution for both buffer concentrations.