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ImageXpress Confocal High-Content Imaging System

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A scalable, high-throughput, high-content screening solution with 7-channel high-intensity laser light source and machine learning capabilities

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Average Rating 5.0

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Very good instrument with high quality images

Review Date: 28 Feb 2023 | Molecular Devices®

Capture large 3D organoid and spheroid images with up to double the speed

The ImageXpress® Confocal High-Content Imaging System utilizes a seven-channel laser light source with eight imaging channels to enable highly multiplexed assays while maintaining high throughput by using shortened exposure times. Water immersion objectives improve image resolution and minimize aberrations so scientists can see deeper into thick samples.

The powerful combination of MetaXpress® software and IN Carta™ software simplifies workflows for advanced phenotypic classification and 3D image analysis with machine learning capabilities and an intuitive user interface.

Enable greater assay flexibility

Eight imaging channels with laser excitation enable more assay flexibility, higher image brightness, and flexibility to use targeted imaging such as QuickID. Automated Water Immersion objectives offer greater numerical aperture and matched refractive index between the sample and the immersion media for enhanced resolution and decreased aberrations.

Increase throughput with higher quality images

Higher excitation power provides increased signal, shorter exposure times, and faster acquisitions of 3D samples. Micro-lens enhanced spinning disk confocal provides a flat field of view for more accurate and reproducible image analysis. Shorter exposure times generates up to a two-fold boost in scan speed. FRET experiments using lasers for CFP and YFP expand research.

Accelerate analysis speeds

IN Carta Image Analysis Software performs complex segmentation and classification. Phenoglyphs provides a robust trainable classification, and SINAP provides trainable segmentation for any image type. Accelerate analysis speeds by 40X with multi-threaded, parallel processing with MetaXpress® PowerCore Software. Reduces time from hours to minutes, eliminating 3D analysis as a bottleneck.

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