7 innovative qPCR probe types explained

5 June 2023

This comprehensive walkthrough animation outlines the latest developments in probe technologies in the qPCR field, highlighting the mechanisms of seven different real-time PCR probe and primer formats:  

  • Dual-labelled hydrolysis probes [00:19] 
  • BHQnova™ Probes [01:17] 
  • Minor groove binder (MGB) probes [01:49] 
  • Locked nucleic acid (LNA) probes [02:31] 
  • BHQplus™ Probes [03:15] 
  • Molecular Beacons [04:45] 
  • Scorpions™ Primers [06:00] 

To find out which probe is most suitable for your applications use our guided navigation oligo finder tool >>