Extract Smarter – A New and Smarter Method for Automated DNA and RNA Extraction
02 May 2019

There are many challenges in extracting and isolating DNA and RNA, such as low yields, low DNA/RNA quality and low reproducibility of results. All this is especially frustrating when dealing with high sample volumes. In a worst case, this can cause major research delays. Automation can solve some of these challenges, by minimizing human error and unifying sample preparation and pipetting conditions. However, automation is also a challenge in itself - but there is simple solution to solve all of this.

In this webinar:

Automation and extraction experts Manuela Beil-Peter and Dr. Timo Hillebrand from Analytik Jena will present a new approach to automated nucleic acid extraction. By combining a completely new method of extraction, SmartExtraction, with very versatile and flexible automation platforms it is possible to overcome all major extraction challenges.

Who should attend:

Labs dealing with nucleic acid extraction and isolation on a regular basis and who are looking to improve DNA/RNA yields and quality as well as sample throughput.

Analytik Jena AG