Advances in LC Particle Technology: The Truth and Misconception of pH Stability
14 Jan 2019

Using a broad range of mobile-phase pH to manipulate compound retention, loading, and selectivity greatly benefits separations scientists. There are many considerations that prevent scientists from reaching their separation objectives that include choice of particle and stationary phase, understanding the benefits mobile-phase buffer selection, and dispelling myths and misconceptions that are associated with using an extended pH range for method development.

During this presentation you will learn about recent developments in particle technology that will help you to develop reliable and robust methods.

This introductory presentation provides an update towards the latest advances in LC column sorbents, and covers hybrid and charged-surface hybrid-based sorbents for LC method development.

In this presentation you will learn how to:

  • Develop methods using high pH mobile-phases
  • Choose the most appropriate conditions based compound properties
  • Benefit from using extended mobile phase pH to increase compound retention, sample loading and separation selectivity