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Rapid Digestion–Trypsin and Rapid Digestion–Trypsin/Lys-C Kits

Promega Corp.

To shorten the time required to prepare samples for LC-MS/MS analysis, we have developed an optimized protocol in which rapid and efficient trypsin digestion is achieved at temperatures as high as 70°C. Using this approach, proteolytis reaction times are dramatically shortened, no chemical denaturants are added and off-line sample cleanup is unnecessary, leading to shorter preparation times and diminished sample losses.

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Sequencing Grade Modified Trypsin

Promega Corp.

Trypsin is a serine protease that specifically cleaves at the carboxylic side of lysine and arginine residues.   The stringent specificity of trypsin is essential for protein identification. Native trypsin is subject to autolysis, generating pseudotrypsin, which exhibits a broadened specificity including a chymotrypsin-like activity. Such autolysis products, present in a trypsin preparation, would result in addition…

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LigaFast™ Rapid DNA Ligation System

Promega Corp.

The LigaFast™ Rapid DNA Ligation System is designed for the efficient ligation of sticky-ended DNA inserts into plasmid vectors in just 5 minutes (blunt-ended inserts in as little as 15 minutes).   Rapid ligation is based on the combination of T4 DNA Ligase with a unique 2X Rapid Ligation Buffer to speed up and streamline your cloning experiments. The LigaFast™ System is designed to eliminate any further purification pri…

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