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iTaq™ Universal SYBR® Green One-Step Kit, 100 x 20 µl rxns, 1 ml


1 ml, one-step RT-PCR kit, includes 2x one-step SYBR Green reaction mix (Taq polymerase, buffers, ROX normalization dyes), iScript reverse transcriptase, and nuclease-free water, for 100 x 20 µl reactions

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Average Rating 4.5

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Easy, reproducible and reliable.


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

PCR reagents for gene expression

Very powerful reagents which with only 1ul of a sample can get any gene expression you are studying. Easy to apply and very fast delivery time.

Review Date: 30 Oct 2020 | Bio-Rad

Very good product.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Molecular biology

Highly effective and very efficient. I would recommend this.

Review Date: 14 May 2020 | Bio-Rad

This harnesses the power of qRT-PCR across a rich and diverse set of applications.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

I used this kit to quantify mRNA and analyze the purity of RNA and target primers

This kit is used for qRT-PCR. This is more sensitive, specific detection and quantification of nucleic acid targets (RNA). I have developed powerful assay design algorithms, optimized master mixes, intuitive data analysis software, and flexible instrumentation (Bio Rad) to get the good reproducible results for my technical replicates by using this kit. Overall very good, cost effective, and user friendly.

Review Date: 2 Dec 2019 | Bio-Rad

Just amazing


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Using in neuroinflammatory and metabolic diseases

Wonderful result without any problem. By creating the iTaq Universal SYBR Green, BIO-RAD make molecular biologist life easy and time saving.

Review Date: 29 Jul 2016 | Bio-Rad

Our Universal Real-Time PCR Reagents Web App brings you in-depth product information, individual and competitive performance data, interactive tutorials, 3-D animated videos, technical manuals, and more.

Use our combined iScript™ RNase H+reverse transcriptase and antibody hot-start iTaq DNA polymerase kit formulation to complete your SYBR® Green real-time reactions in one step – PCR efficiency is improved over a wide dynamic range and under various conditions.

  • Advanced formulation for amplifying difficult targets and challenging samples
  • Can be combined with our PrimePCR™ assays for a simplified workflow
  • Universal — works on any real-time PCR system

Kit Components

  • Reverse transcriptase – 25 µl
  • Reaction mix – 1 ml (1 x 1 ml)

Instrument Compatibility

iTaq Universal SYBR Green One-Step RT-qPCR Kit is compatible with Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR Detection Systems and commercially available systems listed below:

* BSA must be added according to instrument specifications

Applications and Uses of the iTaq® Universal SYBR® Green One-Step Kit

  • qPCR/real-time PCR
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Absolute quantification
  • Mutation detection
  • Pathogen detection
  • Viral detection (load)
  • Genetically modified organism (GMO) characterization
  • Genetic profiling

The iTaq™ universal SYBR® Green one-step kit is also available in a format of 500 reactions (171-5151) .

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