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SA3800 Spectral Analyzer

Sony Biotechnology

The Sony SA3800 spectral cell analyzer incorporates advanced electronics, patented optical technologies and many points of automation to deliver true workflow simplicity.Spectral technology in the SA3800 optimizes sensitivity and enhances dim signal detection by collecting photons from 420nm to 800nm. It also simplifies multicolor application design, workflow and analysis for experienced and novice users.

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MA900 Multi-Application Cell Sorter

Sony Biotechnology

The MA900 from Sony meets the needs of most sorting applications, supporting 12 fluorescence parameters and 4-way sorting. Powerful, modern technologies built into the MA900 system include a patented micro fluidic chip-based design, comprehensive fluidic controls, and advanced automation that dramatically simplifies operation to make sorting less subjective and improve reliability.

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Kleargene™ Spin Plates for Nucleic Acid Extraction

LGC Biosearch Technologies

Kleargene spin plates utilize a glass fibre solid support and are suited for manual or automated DNA extractions from small samples.   This includes samples such as plant seeds and tissue, animal tissue (rodent tails, etc...), blood, buccal swabs, buffy coat, saliva and more. Kits are available in both 96 and 384-well formats. The technology is optimally suited for nucleic acid extractions yielding between 100 ng to 1…

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