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Excellence Benchtop Refractometers

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Maximize performance and minimize errors with our intuitive refractometers.

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The analytical answer in a few seconds.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Solvent, vegetable oils, essential oils, purity in general, monitoring of the course of reactions.

The refractometer has proven to be an analytical device that is easy to use and highly correlated with the results obtained, which indicates its reliability during the development of new materials or the use of other known ones. The Metler Toledo Refractometer is by far a top of the line tool for ordinary laboratory work. It´s a wonderful analytical instrument, it will surely solve many of your quality verification problems as well as monitoring chemical processes. The analytical answer in a few seconds.

Review Date: 14 Apr 2023 | METTLER TOLEDO

Developed for a broad range of industries, METTLER TOLEDO's Excellence Refractometers can measure almost any sample with a very high accuracy. With simple operating routines and an intuitive touch screen user interface, you can perform measurements quickly and efficiently.

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