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CertiRef Automated UV/Vis Spectrophotometer Performance Verification

METTLER TOLEDOAvailable: Worldwide

Automated and simple UV/Vis performance qualification according to the European and US pharmacopoeia with error-free evaluation and documentation to ensure regulatory compliance. 

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Regulatory compliance
With regular performance verification you can always be sure that your instrument is working properly and that your results are accurate and reliable. The performance verification tests are US and European Pharmacopeia compliant and include photometric accuracy, wavelength accuracy, resolution and stray light.

Error-free evaluation
All nominal data required for evaluation are electronically stored on the CertiRef module and are automatically compared to the test results. User calculations, manual data entry from certificates, and therefore the risk of error are completely eliminated.

Automatic report generation
At the end of the verification test, a de¬tailed report of all results is generated, including evaluation and comparison with test acceptance criteria as required by Pharmacopeia. The report can be printed or electronically exported. For comparison with previous test results, the test history includes all relevant data and allows a trend analysis.

Easy installation and use
The Plug & Play CertiRef module is easily installed in seconds. The instrument automatically recognizes the module, re¬trieves all certification data and is immediately ready to start the performance verification method. The module can remain mounted on the instrument during routine measurements, or can be easily removed for use on other instruments.

Relevant applications:
• Automatic performance verification
• Pharmacopeia compliance

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