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UV5Bio UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

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Spectrophotometry for Bio and Kinetics


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The compact UV5Bio benchtop UV/Vis spectrophotometer is the perfect fit for laboratories analyzing biological samples or performing temperature studies. Its flexible accessories and small footprint make it the perfect fit for every busy lab. The UV5Bio can be operated with the LabX UV/VIS PC software or without a PC connection, allowing a minimal footprint on the bench.

Featured Applications:

  • Ready-to-Use Bio-Applications
    Pre-programmed applications for Nucleic Acids (DNA, RNA, mRNA, Oligos, etc.) with QC Ratios (260/280 and 260/230), protein assays, and cell density.
  • Kinetic Measurements
    Kinetics measurements track the change in concentration of reactants or products over time by measuring absorbance at a specific wavelength. The rates of reactions are calculated automatically by the instrument.
  • Fixed Wavelength, Scan and Quant
    Measure transmittance or absorbance at a fixed, single, multiple, or entire wavelength range, or use quantification to calculate the concentration of an absorbing sample. The spectrum's peaks and valleys reveal the sample's composition and purity.
  • Color Measurement
    Choose from 15 pre-programmed color numbers and calculations, including CIELAB, Gardner, Hazen, and Yellowness Index. These predefined settings ensure consistent and dependable results for industrial quality control or scientific research.
  • Direct Measurement and Methods
    The direct measurement function yields immediate results. Individual and ready-to-use methods give full setting control, for more precise results.

Flexible Automation Possibilities:
Using accessories such as a thermostat, pumps, a cuvette changer or an autosampler, you may simplify your measurements and readily adapt to new applications.

Smart Results Management:
LabX™ UV/VIS software supports easy result handling. Automated calculations improve workflow efficiency, cut down on errors, and streamline analyses.

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