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UV7 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

METTLER TOLEDOAvailable: Worldwide

Ideal for regulated environments, the UV7 complies with the strict Pharmacopeia regulations and supports 21 CFR Part 11 data integrity compliance with the additional LabX Software.

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Excellence Performance
FastTrackTM technology ensures exceptional optical performance. Automated performance verification is possible with the optional CertiRefTM module.

Simple One ClickTM Operation
The large color touchscreen features an intuitive One Click interface. All users have their own home screen, enabling daily tasks in just One Click.

Measurements Within Seconds
Comprises modern fiber optics in combination with CCD array detection and a Xenon flash lamp. A full spectrum scan in performed within just 1 second.

Automated Performance Verification
With regular UV Vis performance verification, you can always be sure that your instrument is working properly and that your results are accurate and reliable. The performance verification tests are US and European Pharmacopeia compliant and include, among other tests, photometric accuracy, photometric linearity, wavelength accuracy, resolution and stray light. The plug and play modules are easily installed within seconds.

Relevant applications:
• Pharmaceutical
• Quality control and quality assurance
• Chemical
• Academia
• Cosmetics
• Petrochemical

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