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D300e Digital Dispenser

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The D300e Digital Dispenser* uses direct digital dispensing technology to enable rapid delivery of picoliter to microliter sample volumes. It delivers fast, reliable performance across a large dynamic range, eliminating the need for slow, error-prone and wasteful serial dilutions for creation of dose-response curves and enabling miniaturized qPCR reaction set-up.

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Average Rating 4.6

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Great performance, very valuable.


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

To dispenser small molecule tool compounds or drug candidates to treat in vitro cellular assay plate

Very effective, very helpful, save time and reagents, also very accurate and stable performance, high quality data, very user friendly.

Review Date: 5 Jun 2023 | Tecan

Great instrument, a must have!


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

drug dispensing

Very easy to use, great software and very intuitive. Ideal for direct dispense of compounds in concentration ranges, normalizing the diluent. Also great for complex designs, checkerboards, synergy experiments. Randomize function to thorougly test your newly developed assay.

Review Date: 29 Mar 2023 | Tecan

Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Stablecurve dispense

A quick solution for low-throughput, low-volume dispensing. It has a very user-friendly interface. The consumable price is high, but the trade-off is reduced sample prep time.

Review Date: 28 Jan 2020 | Tecan

Great instrument, we use it almost every day.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Dispensing compounds

The digital dispenser can dispense the compounds in a small volume and the process is fast.

Review Date: 14 Mar 2019 | Tecan

High efficiency, low maintenance, easy compatibility with workflows.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Drug efficacy testing in high throughput format

We are using Tecan D300e digital dispenser for dispensing anti-cancer test agents while performing performing drug efficacy testing in a high throughput format. Tecan's D300e digital dispenser enables time and cost savings by reducing the effort that would go into calculations and designing a dose-response scheme if this was done manually. It also minimizes errors with it's easy-to-use software where you just have to plug in the doses/dose range/dilution series that you want to test and the tolerable vehicle limit in the cultures. The option to randomize the treatments within plates affords introduction of sufficient variability across biological repeats, that is an important factor while confirming drug efficacy results. D300e also enables normalization of vehicle volumes across all treatments, something that is not taken into account when treatments are performed manually. Both the dispenser and the software are easy to use and no special modifications are necessary within the workflow to accommodate this instrument. Tecan's team is extremely approachable and helpful. They always get back promptly in case of questions regarding troubleshooting or use of instrument.

Review Date: 31 Oct 2018 | Tecan

Shorten's multi-stepped sample prep and dilution to achieve your results in a few minutes


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Drug Discovery

Low volume dispense at 11 nL per increments. Disposable Cassette for non touch laser dispense. Easy-to-use user interface enables the user to define plate map on app or import/copy and paste from spreadsheet. This equipment shortens the time for sample prep for dilution, normalisation and works with 96 well format plate tube, 384 as well As 1536.

Review Date: 7 Feb 2018 | Tecan

Accurate, easy to use. Good for R&D and LeadOp. Expensive for larger screens


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Drug screening

We purchased this as an alternative to more expensive methods of drug dosing microplates. (For example an ECHO using acoustic dispensing costs around 250K) This machine is currently being offered at 25K which is reasonably affordable to most companies. It uses nano drop dispensing and is essentially a 'printer' with the ability to 'spray' nandrops of drugs into wells to a high level of accuracy. The interface is incredibly simple and involves simple drag and drop type controls to generate dose responses and layouts. As an assay development tool this is a perfect match. Now the points to consider. The consumables are quite expensive and this is where there is a similarity with printers on the market today where ink is where the money is made. You will need to buy cassettes for this machine, each slide having 8 positions, therefore 8 samples can be loaded at a time. Ideal for preparing 96well plate experiments, however if you switch to 384 well plates you will find you use quite a lot of these. The only way to make this viable is to prepare multiple plates at a time. you can put on one cassette and dispense to 10 384 well plates for example, swap the cassette then repeat on the same plate with 8 new samples. Using this method it is possible to generate batches at an economically viable rate. Clearly if all your drugs are different then you will find this machine quickly getting very expensive. In summary, Accurate, easy to use. Good for assay development or lead optimisation. Good for preparing multiple plates of the same batches of drugs. Expensive to run a lot of different drugs across many plates (drug screening)

Review Date: 5 Apr 2017 | Tecan

Great product.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Compound dosing

User friendly system. Great training available from Tecan.

Review Date: 27 Apr 2016 | Tecan

Smart and Simple Dispensing.


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Life Sciences: simple and fast assay development

Plug and play. Super easy software, design of experiment and reporting. Easy load samples and plate detection.

Review Date: 14 Apr 2016 | Tecan

The D300e Digital Dispenser is an automated benchtop instrument that uses direct digital dispensing technology to enable rapid delivery of picoliter to microliter sample volumes.

It provides fast and reliable performance across a large dynamic range, eliminating the need for slow, error-prone and wasteful serial dilutions for creation of dose-response curves. Using disposable Dispenseheads to avoid cross-contamination, the instrument offers complete freedom for non-contact dispensing from 11 pl to 10 μl, delivering any dose to any well and virtually eliminating waste of valuable compounds. It combines ready-to-run, walk up and use convenience with intuitive experiment design software to increase productivity while giving reliable results.

This innovative device allows the creation of assay plates using aqueous solutions or DMSO, and can cut set-up times from hours or days to just minutes. The D300e is compatible with a wide range of microplate formats from 12 to 1,536 wells – including deep-well plates – and, for maximum flexibility, can even accommodate tube racks. Users can choose between dispensing aqueous solutions in combination with a surfactant – for the investigation of proteins, antibodies, enzymes and nucleic acids – and DMSO for small molecule studies, offering greater flexibility for life sciences workflows. A choice of T8+ and high capacity D4+ Dispenseheads, combined with intuitive software, provide straightforward set-up of enzyme profiles, dose-response curves and synergy studies. Even the most complex experimental plate layouts – such as drug-drug interaction studies and enzyme profiles – can be quickly and easily generated, with optional randomization to reduce the impact of edge effects and increase the integrity of experimental data. *For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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