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Freedom EVO® PCR Workstation

The Freedom EVO PCR workstation is a fully scalable, modular system offering flexible automation for PCR set-up and cycle sequencing reaction preparation.

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Average Rating 4.0

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It is a great platform that allows flexibility during development. This system is very easy to understand how to use.

Review Date: 25 Feb 2014 | Tecan

The Freedom EVO PCR workstation offers unsurpassed flexibility to support virtually all the PCR set-up and cycle sequencing reaction preparation needs of laboratories, whatever the throughput.

Reactions may be prepared in microtubes, 96- or 384-well microplate formats, and multiple PCR plates can be processed per run. Precise and pipetting of low volumes is performed by the LiHa (liquid displacement) and/or the Air LiHa (air displacement). Reliable pipetting of template DNA, DNA primers, and other components (buffers, enzyme, nucleotides) is guaranteed for even the most sensitive amplification procedures, with a choice of four- or eight-channel liquid handling arms, or 96- and 384-multi-channel pipetting options. For maximum flexibility, a selection of pre-optimized configurations are available, as well as tailor-made PCR set-up systems designed by Tecan’s automation consultants.

Extended automation of amplification procedures can be easily achieved by integration of Tecan’s Infinite® multimode microplate readers for nucleic acid quantification and normalization, as well as additional modules such as reagent-cooling carriers and Tecan’s high capacity storage modules. Third-party devices such as microplate sealers and thermocyclers – for example, the INHECO ODTC® thermocycler – can also be integrated. Virtually any combination of additional instruments or devices is fully supported by Tecan’s Freedom EVOware® software package.

The Freedom EVO PCR workstation features effortless touchscreen operation. Sample information can be input manually, imported from a file or identified by barcode scanning, with process security ensured through Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking. The intuitive TouchTools™ PCR Wizard guides users through straightforward reaction set-up for a wide range of applications, from end-point, real-time and multiplex PCR protocols to sequencing, genotyping and gene expression methods – as well as pathogen and mutagenesis detection – helping to reduce training time and costs for research and diagnostic laboratories. After each run, data can be seamlessly transferred to a thermocycler via a USB or LIMS for further analysis.

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