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AffinEx™ Protein A

AffinEx™ Protein A is a dry-state protein purification device offered in Tecan's unique Narrow Bore Extraction™ (NBE™) format. Protein A binds to the Fc-region of IgG and mAbs while NBE format provides increased interactions between the target analyte and sorbent bed.

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AffinEx™ Protein A is a protein A-bound, rigid polymeric sorbent with a polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) matrix to provide structural stability when dry saving costs during shipping and handling. Designed for antibody purification from various cell culture samples, AffinEx's unique matrix removes the need for cold/wet storage and provides a shelf life of 24 months in ambient conditions without losing extraction efficacy. The unique NBE format storing AffinEx provides opportunities for increased interactions and in-column reactions with automation capabilities optimized for Tecan's Resolvex positive pressure processors.

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