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Freedom EVO® for Protein Purification

Tecan has partnered with GE Healthcare to develop an automated solution for screening of best producing clones, using MultiTrap plates on the popular Freedom EVO platform.

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MultiTrapTM plates are 96-well format plates, prepacked with chromatography media for His-/GST-tagged proteins, and are fully tested for screening of recombinant proteins on the Freedom EVO.

The combination of Tecan's robotic integration and liquid handling expertise and the versatile MultiTrap platform provides users with a fully automated protein purification system for higher throughput demands. Proteins can be extracted from E. coli cultures without centrifugation or filtration, creating a more efficient workflow. Purification can be carried out either under vacuum pressure or by centrifugation.

The system allows processing of both His- and GST-tagged fusion proteins, with low cross-contamination, high reproducibility and highly robust processing. MultiTrap plates are also available for screening of antibodies, parallel enrichment of the target protein – such as protein A and streptavidin – by immuno-affinity and desalting/buffer exchange. Purification can be easily scaled up on the ÄKTAxpress™ system from GE Healthcare.

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