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Freedom EVO® Nucleic Acid Sample Normalization Workstation

The Freedom EVO Nucleic Acid Normalization workstation enables straightforward automation of DNA quantitation, dilution and normalization protocols.

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Automated DNA quantitation and normalization can be easily performed using Tecan’s Freedom EVO workstations and Freedom EVOware® software, including the custom-designed Freedom EVOware Normalization Wizard.

The Freedom EVO can be configured for semi- or fully automated DNA normalization tasks, such as pipetting and microplate handling steps, with straightforward integration of Tecan detection modules. Temperature-controlled reagent and microplate racks can accommodate virtually any commonly used microtube or microplate format. The workstations can also be configured with an air displacement liquid handling arm and disposable tips to avoid carryover and cross-contamination of samples. Sample pipetting is driven by measurement data from quantitative DNA analysis. A variety of cost-efficient packages are available to suit a range of laboratories and throughputs.

*for research use only

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