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10 Jun 2011

Get a first-hand look at the latest advancements in UPLC® and UPLC/MS, SFC, laboratory informatics, columns and sample prep chemistries. Visit the Waters booth and explore system solutions for your lab with our on-hand technical and business experts.

Highlights at the show include:

NEW 2.5 μm XP Columns. New 2.5 μm eXtended Performance (XP) columns bridge the gap between HPLC and UPLC. Designed to be UPLC-compatible, 2.5 μm XP columns enable improved productivity on existing HPLC systems and are ideal for particulate-laden samples on your UPLC System.

ACQUITY UPLC Columns. Discover the industry-leading resolution, sensitivity and throughput provided by 22 UPLC selectivity choices (including the New HSS CN and HSS PFP) for both small molecule and biopharmaceutical separations. Develop higher resolution separations, faster with five different sub 2 μm particle substrates, all of which are now designed for use up to 18,000 psi (1240 bar).

Viridis® SFC Columns. New Viridis columns are first of a kind sub-2 μm columns specifically designed to support the ACQUITY UPSFC™ System. These SFC 1.7 and
5 μm column chemistries are based on patented Ethylene-Bridged Hybrid (BEH) particle technology, offering excellent stability, peak shape and column lifetimes, along
with a wide range of selectivity for achiral separations.

Sample Preparation Solutions. Obtain the cleanest extracts, eliminate matrix effects, and reduce ion suppression using Oasis® SPE products. The Ostro™ 96-well plate provides a novel solution for the clean-up of phospholipids in plasma and serum. Waters Certified Vials are the only vials tested by HPLC and LC/MS in the industry. Explore our latest offerings for food testing and environmental analysis including Certified Sep-Pak® and DisQuE™ Dispersive SPE.

Biomolecule Separations. Advanced tools, technologies and integrated solutions to tackle the most challenging amino acid, peptide, protein, synthetic oligonucleotide, glycan and size-exclusion separations.

ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System, with significantly improved chromatographic performance gives you more confidence in your results and allows you to get the most sensitivity from your mass spectrometer. Discover answers to your most complex challenges with the highest performing UPLC System ever engineered.

ACQUITY UPSFC System. The world’s first UPLC-based system for SFC. This normal-phase chromatographic solution uses CO2 as the main mobile phase, offering complementary selectivity, reducing solvent and increasing opportunities. Now you can run normal-phase chiral and achiral applications with superior sensitivity, resolution and speed.

Waters Seminars

Innovative New Product Solutions from Waters that Improve the Workflow and Productivity of Chromatographic Laboratories
Doug McCabe, Waters Corporation
Monday, June 20 - "István Halász Hall" - 13:30 - 14:30

Ultra Performance Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (UPSFC™), Changing the Game for Normal Phase Chromatography
Stéphane Dubant, Waters Corporation
Wednesday, June 22 - "Liszt Hall" - 13:30 - 14:30

Register for Seminars at the Waters booth, space is limited.