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Assay Assembly » Assay Kits, Assay Assembly Reagents, Assay Assembly Consumables, Assay Assembly Research Services, Automated Systems, Patch Clamp / Membrane Potential Systems , Receptor Binding Assays

Automated Liquid Handling » Nanoliter Liquid Handler, 1536 Multichannel Liquid Handler, 384 Multichannel Liquid Handler, 96 Multichannel Liquid Handler, 1-8 Channel Liquid Handler, Liquid Handling Verification / Quality Control (QC), Liquid Handling Arms / Heads

Biomarkers » Antigens Biomarkers, Cytokine Biomarkers, Cell Surface Biomarkers, Biomarker Identification, Biomarker Research Services

Bioprocessing / Fermentation » Bioreactors, Bioprocessing Reagents, Bioprocessing Accessories, Bioprocessing Research Services

Cell / Tissue Culture » Cell Culture Research Services, Cryopreservation Equipment, Culture Equipment and Instruments, Extracellular Matrix, Cell Culture Media , Sera, Cell Culture Supplements /Reagents, Cell Culture Plasticware, Cell Culture Software

Cell-Based Assays » Cell Death / Health Assays, Immunoassays , Yeast Two Hybrid Systems, Assay Services, In-Situ Hybridization, DNA / RNA Labeling Kits, Assay Software, Washing Systems, Integrated Assay Prep / Analysis Workstations, Metabolism Assays, Cell Migration, Invasion and Healing Assays, Cell Signaling Assays, Genotyping Assays, Stem Cell Characterization Assays, Binding Assays, Ion Channel Assays, Drug Resistance Assays, Enzyme Activity Assays, Toxicity Assays, Protein-Protein Interaction Assays, Protein-DNA Interaction Assays, Live Cell Imaging Reagents, Cell Labeling and Detection Kits, Protein Labeling Kits, Cell Lysis, Wash Buffers, Cell Fixation and Permabilization Reagents

Compound Libraries » Databases, Compound Libraries Software, Compound Analysis Research Services, Compound Analysis Reference Materials, Kits

Discovery Software » Microarray Software, SNPs Software, Genetic Engineering Software, Protein Purification Software, Proteomics Software, Mass Spectrometry Software , HCS Software, Next Generation Sequencing Software

Gene Expression and Molecular Cloning » Genetic Engineering Software, Transformation Equipment, Genetic Engineering Services, Cloning Kits, Gene Expression Analysis, Mutagenesis Kits, Transfection Reagents and Equipment, Cloning and Expression Vectors / Systems, Competent Cells, In-Situ Hybridization, DNA / RNA Labeling Kits, DNA / RNA Libraries and Reference Standards, Library Construction Kits, Premade Clones

High-Content Screening » Cell Death / Health Assays, Flow Cytometers, High-Content Imaging Systems, HCS Software, Neurite Outgrowth Assays, HCS Services, Image Cytometers / Cell Analyzers, DNA / RNA Labeling Kits, Angiogenesis Assay Kits, Metabolism Assays, Cell Signaling Assays, Cell Labeling and Detection Kits, Protein Labeling Kits, Microplate Readers

Lab-on-a-Chip » Lab-on-a-Chip Microarray, Separations, Lab-on-a-Chip Software, Reference Materials/Research Services

Mass Spectrometry » Mass Spectrometer Detectors, Mass Spectrometer Ion Sources, MS/Chromatography Vials , Probes and Sample Preparation, Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers (ICP-MS), Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers (IR-MS), Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometers (IM-MS), Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers, Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers, Time-of-Flight (TOF) Mass Spectrometers , Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometers , Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometers (FTICR-MS), Tandem Mass Spectrometers (MS/MS), Mass Spectrometry Imaging, Process Mass Spectrometers, Portable Mass Spectrometers, LC-MS, GC-MS, MALDI-TOF MS, Mass Spectrometer Autosamplers, Nebulizers and Sample Delivery, ICP Accessories, MS Reference Standards, Mass Spectrometry Software, Mass Spectrometry Services

Microarray Analysis » Microarray Software, Microarray Services, PCR Arrays, In-Situ Hybridization, DNA / RNA Labeling Kits, Protein Microarrays, Antibody Microarrays, DNA Microarrays, RNA Microarrays, Microarray Scanners, Microarray Printers, Microarray Slides , Microarray Scanner Acessories, Microarray Printer Accessories, Microarray Buffers

Microplate Readers / Detectors » Label Free Microplate Reader, Absorbance Microplate Reader, Fluorescence Intensity Microplate Reader, Fluorescence Polarization Microplate Reader, TRF/TR-FRET Microplate Reader, Luminescence Microplate Reader, Multimode Microplate Reader, Hybrid Microplate Reader, Microplate Scintillation Counter, Microplate Nephelometer, Reference Plates, Robotic Plate Stackers

Microplates » Stripwell Microplates, Standard Microplates, Glass Bottom Microplates, Clear Bottom Microplates, PCR Microplates, Non-Binding Surface Microplates, Coated Microplates, Protein Crystallisation Microplates, UV Microplates, Storage Microplates, Cell Culture Microplates, Filter Microplates, SPE Plates, Microplate Accessories, Tissue Engineering Microplates, Deepwell Microplates

Next Generation Sequencing » DNA / RNA Libraries and Reference Standards, Library Preparation Automation, Sequencing Cleanup Kits, Sequencing Software, Sequencing Services, NGS Library Preparation Kits, Next Generation Sequencing Systems, Sequencer Kits and Templates, NGS Preparation Kits

Plate Processing » Microplate Washers, Microplate Stackers, Microplate Storage, Microplate Handlers, Microplate Sealers, Microplate Piercers, Microplate Systems

Protein Crystallography » Protein Crystallisation Services, Protein Crystallisation Reagents, Consumables, Protein Crystallisation Systems, Protein Crystallography Research Services

Protein Purification » Protein Purification Software, Vacuum Manifolds, Magnetic Racks and Devices, High-Throughput Protein Purification Workstations, Protein Purification Instruments, Antibody Purification, Affinity Purification, Immunoprecipitation Kits, Immobilized Metal Affinity (IMAC) , Protein Ion Exchange, Protein Size Exclusion, Protein Extraction and Lysis Kits, Protein Clean-up Kits, Protein Desalting and Dialysis Kits, Protein Digestion Kits, Protein Purification Buffers, Protein Filtration

Proteomics » Proteins, Size Markers, Proteomics Software, Synthesizers, Protein Expression, Protein Array, Analyzers, Kits, Proteomics Research Services, Blotting-N/S/W, Cell/Tissue Culture, Cell Based Assays, Cell Lines, DNA Seq, DNA/RNA Isolation & Purification, Electrophoresis, Elisa, Flow Cytometry, Gel Doc/Image Analysis, Microbiology, Protein Crystallisation, RNAi, Thermal Cycling/PCR, Oligonucleotides

RNAi » RNAi Analysis, RNAi Libraries, RNAi Controls, RNAi Quantitation, RNAi Vectors, RNAi Assays, RNAi Reagents, RNAi Services, RNAi Transfection, Kits

Robotic Workstations » Sample Storage and Retrieval Systems, Integrated Assay Prep / Analysis Workstations, Liquid Handling Workstations – Automated, Liquid Handling Workstations – Modular, Automated Sample Preparation, Automated Analysis, Workstation Modules and Accessories, Workstation Software, Automation Services

Sample Management » Sample Storage and Retrieval Systems, Sample Environment and Enclosures, Accessories, Sample Management Equipment, Sample Management Services

Sample Preparation » Apparatus, Dialysis Membranes, Heat & Cool, Mortars and Pestles, Presses, Lab, Sonicators, Ultrafiltration Equipment, Automation, Blenders, Concentrators, Distillation Equipment, Evaporators, Extraction, Filters, Microfiltration, Sample Preparation Software, Accessories, Sieves, Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME)

SNPs » SNPs Software, SNPs Kits, SNPs Typing, SNPs Research Services


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