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Freedom EVO® for chromatography in plates

Tecan's automation and liquid handling expertise is combined with GE Healthcare’s versatile PreDictor™ platform to offer a straightforward approach to screening chromatographic processes.

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Average Rating 5.0

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Freedom Evo for Chromatography in plates and RoboColumns

These workflows have dramatically accelerated our PD efforts. The RoboColumn wizard is easy to use. Once plate screening methods were written and polished, giant amounts of data were being generated in a small amount of time. The LiHa does a great job delivering accurately, whether it's liquids or resins.

Review Date: 26 Oct 2017 | Tecan

PreDictor 96-well filter plates prefilled with BioProcess™ chromatography media have been fully tested for screening of chromatographic conditions on Freedom EVO platforms.

Combining Tecan's automation and liquid handling expertise with GE Healthcare’s PreDictor platform provides users with a fully automated system for process development, allowing an easy approach to high throughput screening of chromatographic media and process conditions. Data obtained from parallel screening of chromatographic conditions using PreDictor plates correlates well with data obtained using chromatography columns, making this system an excellent tool for initial screening of process conditions.

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