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Kleargene™ Spin Plates for Nucleic Acid Extraction

LGC Biosearch Technologies

Kleargene spin plates utilize a glass fibre solid support and are suited for manual or automated DNA extractions from small samples.   This includes samples such as plant seeds and tissue, animal tissue (rodent tails, etc...), blood, buccal swabs, buffy coat, saliva and more. Kits are available in both 96 and 384-well formats. The technology is optimally suited for nucleic acid extractions yielding between 100 ng to 1…

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Custom oligos

LGC Biosearch Technologies

Custom design your oligonucleotide according to your specifications. Our probes and primers are manufactured at unmatched quality under ISO 9001 and 13485 compliance. Whether you need RUO or GMP grade oligos, choose from a vast selection of modifications to customize your oligos for your application.

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Fluent® Laboratory Automation Workstation for Genomic Workflows


Fluent’s groundbreaking design delivers more capacity and productivity for genomic workflows. This innovative workstation offers superior precision, higher throughput and longer walkaway times, allowing scientists to get more done in less time, with greater confidence. The Fluent Laboratory Automation Workstation for genomic workflows offers high precision liquid handling – down to 200 nl – for accurate quantification se…

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Infinite M Nano


The Infinite M Nano absorbance plate reader offers optimum sensitivity for ELISAs and low volume nucleic acid or protein quantification assays. Its automated pathlength correction combined with the low volume NanoQuant Plate™ consistently deliver highly precise results day after day, independent of sample volumes. The Infinite M Nano is one of six new tailored reader configurations based on the acclaimed Infinite 200 PRO. T…

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