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Rtx®-1 Columns

Restek Corp.

Rtx®-1 columns exhibit long lifetime and very low bleed at high operating temperatures. A proprietary synthesis process eliminates residual catalysts that could cause degradation and increase bleed. • General purpose columns for solvent impurities, PCB congeners (e.g. Aroclor mixes), simulated distillation, drugs of abuse, gases, natural gas odorants, sulfur compounds, essential oils, hydrocarbons, semivolatiles, pesticides,…

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Ultra Aqueous C18 Columns

Restek Corp.

The Ultra line represents Restek’s broadest selection of stationary phases on a single silica support. Made of high-purity, type-B silica that minimizes activity and creates high-density bonding, these columns are designed for selective and reliable HPLC applications.The Ultra Aqueous C18 HPLC column provides reproducible retention times and can be used with highly aqueous mobile phases, which may eliminate the need for sample…

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