Twist Comprehensive Exome Panel by Twist Bioscience

Manufacturer Twist Bioscience  |   Model: methylation, genome
Exome sequencing has become a widely used practice in clinics and diagnostics. The superior performance of the Twist Human Core Exome provides the optimal solution for sequencing of protein coding genes, while focusing on the most accurate curated subset— CCDS database.

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Twist Comprehensive Exome Panel
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More Complete Coverage

  • Covers 36.8 Mb of human protein coding regions
  • Based on recent database releases Retain Flexibility
  • Easily spike-in content into comprehensive exome panel
  • Effective across multiplex target enrichment workflows

Design Efficiency

  • The panel targets 36.8 Mb with a design size of only 41.2 Mb
  • Smaller design size reduces sequencing costs