LINQ Platform by Automata

Manufacturer Automata  |  Available Worldwide

A fully automated lab bench enabling true walkaway

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LINQ Platform
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The end of ill-fitting automation solutions

Typical laboratory automation solutions come with significant compromises that prevent you from scaling or adapting your workflows. This means you are limited in how much you can grow and evolve over time.

Often solutions will come with oversized footprints meaning labs have to compromise on space, are difficult to use, have inflexible capabilities, or are difficult to scale.

This limits the true impact that automation can provide for your lab and people.

Same footprint, bigger impact

Fitting into the same space as a regular lab bench, the Automata LINQ bench is the next-generation, automation-enabled laboratory bench system that can fully automate your workflows end to end. It does this by robotically and digitally connecting instruments and automating the transfer of labware. The Automata LINQ bench is able to integrate with most instruments, while the modular design enables easy adaptation for any workflow or any existing lab space.

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LINQ Platform by Automata product image

LINQ Platform

Manufacturer Automata  |  Available Worldwide

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