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Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System by Sartorius Group

Manufacturer Sartorius Group  |  Available Worldwide
Leading the Way With Living Cells, our most advanced application offering.

Incucyte<sup>®</sup> SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System by Sartorius Group product image
Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System
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The Incucyte® SX5 is our most advanced application offering.  

Study complex immune-tumor cell interactions, synaptic activity in neuronal co-cultures, metabolism in cancer cells, and much more — with a single platform. 
See more information in every sample with the new Incucyte® SX5 featuring patent-pending optics. Do more with up to 5 different fluorescent channels specifically designed for live-cell analysis.
Enjoy more colors. More reagents. More purpose-built software for more applications. Derive deeper, physiologically relevant information about your cells. 

Never miss powerful insights again.

Conventional approaches to cell analysis only capture a single time point, enabling only single-point and end-point measurements, and cells are perturbed or destroyed as part of the assay process.

The Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System automatically acquires and analyzes images around the clock, enabling you to derive deeper and more physiologically relevant information about your cells, plus real-time kinetic data — without ever removing your cells from the incubator. Change can happen in an instant. See what your cells are doing and when they do it. 

The Incucyte® SX5 instrument, proprietary assays and reagents provide you with the ability to gain new insights into biological processes via real-time, quantitative analysis of live cells. 

Furthermore, the Incucyte® SX5 accommodates multiple users and applications seamlessly and combines information-rich, image-based analysis with the convenience and throughput of microplate assays. Incucyte® technology is featured in over 3,000 peer-reviewed publications in journals.

Key features

  • Up to five different fluorescence channels, up to three at a time in a single experiment
  • New 3-color optical module includes a long wavelength, low phototoxicity NIR channel and optimized reagents for turnkey applications
  • Includes 4x, 10x, and 20x objectives on an automated turret 
  • Supports 3 interchangeable vessel trays and over 600 vessels, up to 6 microplates in parallel
  • Seamless multi-user support via remote, networked access and unlimited, free licenses


  • Monitor metabolism in cancer cells
  • Complex immune-tumor cell interactions
  • Synaptic activity in neuronal co-cultures 
  • Proliferation (confluence and cell counts)
  • Apoptosis (caspase 3/7 for live-cell imaging)
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Dilution cloning (whole-well imaging)
  • Migration / Invasion
  • Stem cell monitoring and reprogramming
  • 3D-Spheroids Angiogenesis
  • Neurite outgrowth and dynamics
  • Neuronal Activity
  • Reporter gene expression
  • Viral studies
  • Immune response – Immune cell killing
  • Antibody Internailization
  • NETosis
  • Phagocytosis
  • Immune cell clustering
  • Immunocytochmistry
  • Cell-by-Cell Analysis
  • Cell culture (& QC)