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Incucyte® Cell Migration and Invasion System

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Watch dynamic biological processes of cell migration and invasion happen in real time and investigate migration versus invasion, with or without a chemotactic gradient.

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Love the automation, wish it was more accurate.


Average Rating 3.0

Application Area:

Confluence Monitoring

Software is for the most part easy to use. However, being able to duplicate information for multiple vessels within a scan and also duplicating all information for a whole scan would be nice to have. The way it is set up, you cannot rely on a duplicates of the same exact scan to work properly without deleting everything and adding it back, which is very inefficient. The algorithm also counts many areas that do not actually have cells. Hardware is easy to use.

Review Date: 18 Apr 2019 | Sartorius Group

Real-time cell migration and invasion system and software.


  • Visually confirm cell movement, morphology, and cell-cell interactions with images and movies
  • Explore all types of movement – from tumor cell invasion to immune cell transendothelial migration
  • Use with adherent or suspension cells, co-cultures, with labels or label-free
  • Run experiments in six 96-well plates at one time

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