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Octet® R2 BLI System

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High performance BLI for label-free kinetics without compromise.

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The Octet® R2 System makes quality protein analysis affordable and flexible. Priced for startup academic and biotech labs, low-volume users are no longer bound by the trade-off between cost and performance when choosing a label-free assay system. The system provides a low-cost entry point for labs with lower throughput needs, while providing the flexibility to field-upgrade to 4 or 8 channels anytime the need arises.

The Octet® R2 system characterizes protein-protein and protein-small molecule binding interactions in academic research as well as drug discovery and drug development processes.

The multi-purpose Octet® R2 system’s unique 2-channel design has dedicated spectrometers for simultaneous referencing or added capacity. It also provides streamlined quantitative information by measuring active protein concentrations - even in complex mixtures like cell culture supernatants and lysates without time-consuming purifications. The system is perfectly suited for academic and start-up biotech labs as well as users with moderate throughput.

Key benefits:

  • Get the whole range – Sensitivity for small molecule analysis down to 150 Da
  • Highest data quality – Unique 2-channel design with dedicated spectrometers for simultaneous referencing or added capacity
  • Easy handling without dedicated operator – Simple software setup with template-driven interface to get new users started quickly

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