FluidX™ XSD-1 by Brooks Life Sciences

The XSD-1 is the first-of-its-kind single tube capper/decapper in the industry, providing a low-cost, reliable solution for managing the automated capping and decapping of single larger sized master sample tubes such as centrifuge, cell culture and even glass tubes

FluidX™ XSD-1 by Brooks Life Sciences product image
FluidX™ XSD-1

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Key Features

  • Flexible, fast and low cost option fit for use with internal and external thread tubes
  • Fast and consistent single tube capper/decapper 
  • Perfect for automating the handling of larger sized master sample tubes such as: centrifuge, cell culture or even glass tubes
  • Interchangeable cap driver kit for any tube format (9mm-40mm)
  • Easy to use, single button, multi-torque control reduces risk of injury from repetitive movements
  • Suitable for use inside a laminar flow cabinet
  • The same torque is applied to each cap, according to tube manufacturer specification, to ensure consistent seal quality
  • Automation reduces sample handling time, increasing sample throughput and workflow
  • Screw caps can be held within the XSD unit whilst the user fills, or accesses, the sample tube
  • Caps can subsequently be re-applied to the same tubes, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination
  • Broad compatibility for every laboratory
  • XSD-1 is compatible with sample storage tubes from almost every manufacturer, as long as the screw cap can be gripped with cap drivers and the cap has a diameter from 9mm up to 40mm
  • By adjusting the tube pitch required for each tube manufacturer, XSD-1 ensures caps are not cross threaded during the capping cycle
  • Multiple torque control and interchangeable cap driver
  • Quick, user-friendly, interchangeable cap driver can be changed in less than 5 seconds
  • Torque is adjusted to fit the majority of tubes, allowing users to determine the optimal setting for their tubes
  • 3 different torque settings: low, medium and high