FluidX™ XDC-96 by Brooks Life Sciences

FluidX XDC-96 is a compact, standalone, high-speed whole rack tube de-capper and capper that automatically removes, recaps or disposes of septum caps from a full 96-format SBS rack of sample storage tubes; can also be integrated into automated sample storage and handling environments

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FluidX™ XDC-96

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  • Using the XDC-96 systems for secure storage tube sealing, and eliminating the need for manual intervention, preserves sample integrity and audit trail in biobank, compound library and other high-throughput storage applications
  • Broad compatibility and type of tube to be used with XDC-96 should be specified at time of ordering
  • Recommended to be used with natural colored TPE septum caps
  • Compatible with: FluidX 96-format tubes with septum caps (0.3ml, 0.48ml, 0.7ml, 0.9ml), Micronic Microtubes with Capcluster caps (0.65ml, 1.4ml), Matrix TrakMates with SepraSeal caps (0.5ml, 0.75ml, 1.4ml),Abgene Cypher with caps (0.65ml, 1.2ml)
  • De-capping function eliminates the need to manually remove septum caps, dramatically improving productivity
  • Septum piercing is no longer required, meaning a wider range of liquid handling systems can be considered for use on samples
  • XDC-96 will dispose of the septum caps, or recap the same caps into the same tubes, manual recapping after sampling from tubes is no longer required
  • Fast and easy to use: Cycle time for de-capping and recapping is 15-30 seconds, depending on tube type
  • Simple to operate LCD touch screen, allowing set up, calibration and settings changes without PC connection
  • Can be used in standalone mode, or can be integrated into automated systems easily by using the RS232 interface
  • Windows-compatible maintenance and calibration software package provided with each unit
  • Additional automation workflow features
  • Purge module allows an inert gas of choice to be layered over the samples immediately after de-capping, and immediately before recapping
  • Air blade feature prevents the waste chute from becoming blocked when caps are sent to disposal