FluidX™ Thawing Station by Brooks Life Sciences

The FluidX Tube Rack Thawing Station is a stand-alone system designed to speed up the defrost time of chilled or frozen sample storage tubes, operating with with 24, 48 or 96-format SBS racks providing gentle, but accelerated, thawing of racks of sample tubes

FluidX™ Thawing Station by Brooks Life Sciences product image
FluidX™ Thawing Station

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  • Tubes are simultaneously and quickly thawed with minimum risk of sample damage and are ready for use at ambient temperature in around 20 minutes
  • Minimized risk of sample damage
  • Complete sample recovery without applying heat
  • Gentle, yet faster, tube thawing is achieved by forcing air at ambient temperature, using a fan, over the frozen sample tubes
  • Minimizes the risk of sample damage as no direct heat is applied to the sample tubes
  • A typical frozen sample, in deionized water, will defrost to an ambient temperature of 20°C in approximately 20 minutes
  • Does not require warm-up time, reducing delays in sample processing
  • Compatible with SBS racked tubes in 24, 48 and 96-format
  • Compact design is able to defrost whole racks of tubes simultaneously
  • Simply select a 24, 48 or 96-way insert to suit sample format, place rack on thawing top plate and press start