eve Bioprocess Platform Software by INFORS HT

Manufacturer INFORS HT  |  Available Worldwide
eve ® is able to do more than just plan, control and analyse your bioprocesses. The software integrates workflows, devices, bioprocess information and big data in a web-based platform, with which you can organise your bioprocesses in a web based system.

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eve Bioprocess Platform Software

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eve® is available in three packages:

Basic - Monitor bioprocesses
Take the first steps to digitalization of your bioprocess with a reasonable budget. The comprehensive functions for planning, monitoring and documenting batches are ideally suited for experiments in the shaker or simple applications in the bioreactor.

Standard - Control and automatize bioprocesses
In addition to the comprehensive features with which you can plan, control, monitor and document batches, predefined functions, among others, which you can individually adjust are available to you.

Premium - Full version supporting validation
Suitable for work in the validated environment according to FDA CFR 21 Part 11. In addition to the comprehensive options for planning, controlling, monitoring and documenting bioprocesses, you as a user receive additional safety features as well as validation documents which specify the software functions.


Modern Real-Time Monitoring     

  • Comprehensive overview of all your running batches
  • Display all variables (Offline, online, atline, …) on a single personalized chart
  • Create and save as any number chart views
  • Monitoring on any number of screens

Powerful Batch Control     

  • Create intuitively complex batch strategies and phases
  • Preconfigured functions to control batch parameters
  • Fully automate your batch strategy or intervene manually at any time.

Process Data Analytics     

  • Gain real-time information for process control and analysis using integrated soft-sensors (software sensors)
  • Receive information from 3rd party software (e.g. Matlab) and use it to control running batch batches

Reporting & Data Management     

  • Manage your batches, soft-sensors and recipes in libraries and export them as file if necessary
  • Create meta data for organisms and culture media in dedicated libraries
  • Create comprehensive batch or audit trail reports and export them as PDF or editable formats.

Open Connectivity     

  • Connect all your bioprocess upstream equipment: bioreactors to shakers, mass spectrometers and balances
  • Drivers for standard and proprietary protocols (e.g. OPC, Modbus, Sartorius DCU, Applikon ADI)
  • Integration to any existing data analytics software, LIMS or ELN software landscape using REST API

Product Overview

eve Bioprocess Platform Software by INFORS HT product image

eve Bioprocess Platform Software

Manufacturer INFORS HT  |  Available Worldwide

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