Combinatorial Variant Libraries by Twist Bioscience

Manufacturer Twist Bioscience
Combinatorial Libraries with NGS-verification of modified regions  

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Combinatorial Variant Libraries
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Twist Bioscience’s unique capability to synthesize very large numbers of high quality oligos with our massively parallel silicon-based DNA synthesis platform, combined with our well established molecular biology expertise, allow the controlled fabrication of highly diverse gene mutant libraries with highly specific, user-defined, composition.


High Diversity Precision
• Multi-variant domains in single or multiple scaffolds (up to >10^10 variants)
• Precise control over codon usage (all 64 codons), amino acid distribution, and length

Verified Quality
• Rigorous quality control, including NGS-verification of modified regions
• Sequence variant ratios documented

• Design all sequences, single or multiple domains and combinations - single, pairwise,
or triple variants
• Modular synthesis system enables iteration of future libraries