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Celloger® Nano, Automated Live Cell Imaging System by CURIOSIS

Manufacturer CURIOSIS
Celloger ® Nano is an automated live cell imaging system with fluorescence and brightfield microscopy. Expand your cell-based research by using our user-friendly, multifunction system, Celloger ® Nano.

Celloger® Nano, Automated Live Cell Imaging System by CURIOSIS product image
Celloger® Nano, Automated Live Cell Imaging System
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Celloger® Nano is a live cell imaging system that can observe changes in cells through the bright field and fluorescence (green/red) microscopy. It is compact equipment smaller than an A4 sheet with high space utilization in CO₂ incubators optimized for cell culture environments, allowing researchers to observe cells that stably stay alive for a long period. Moreover, it provides highly reliable results to researchers through easy-to-use and fast software.

Key features

  • Compact size that easily fits into standard CO₂ incubators
  • High quality system yet cost-effective
  • Compatible with various cell and tissue culture vessel types
  • Intuitive UI/UX and easy to acquire confluency data 
  • Increased focus speed and reproducibility with reliable autofocusing function
  • Movie maker provides one-click easy way to make a time-lapse video


  • Wound healing assay 
  • Cell migration 
  • Cell morphology 
  • Cell confluency 
  • Cell proliferation 
  • Cytotoxicity assay 
  • Transfection efficiency assessment 
  • Coculture monitoring


  • Dimension: 211 x 146 x188mm
  • Weight: 3.2kg / 7.0lb
  • Objective: 4X / 10X
  • Imaging modes: Brightfield, Fluorescence (Green/Red)
  • Fluorescence: Green - Excitation (480/30x), Emission (535/40m) / Red - Excitation (510/25x), Emission (570lp)
  • Light source: LED
  • Stage: Manual XY, motorized Z