Celigo S Image Cytometer by Nexcelom Bioscience

Manufacturer Nexcelom Bioscience  |   Model: 200-BFFL-S  |  Available Worldwide
A micro-well, plate-based multi-channel bright field and 3 fluorescent channels imaging cytometer for 2D and 3D culture using both adherent and suspension cells.

Celigo S Image Cytometer by Nexcelom Bioscience product image
Plate-based imaging cytometer

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The Celigo S Image Cytometer offers best-in-class bright field imaging capabilities with 3 channels of fluorescent imaging: Blue (Ex 377nm / Em 470nm), Green (Ex 483nm / Em 536nm) and Red (Ex 531nm / Em 629nm). It is ideal for multiplexed assays and provides high-speed, fully automated imaging and quantification of suspension, adherent, tumor spheroids, iPSC and cancer stem cell colonies. The system images every cell in every well, without any well edge effect. A 96-well plate will take less than 5 minutes to image. System is compatible with automation platforms for full integration.

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Celigo S Image Cytometer by Nexcelom Bioscience product image

Celigo S Image Cytometer

Manufacturer Nexcelom Bioscience  |  Available Worldwide

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