Access™ Dual Robot System by Labcyte Inc.

Manufacturer Labcyte Inc.
For Acoustic Sample Management

Access™ Dual Robot System by Labcyte Inc. product image
Access™ Dual Robot System

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The New Sound of Sample Management

The Access Dual Robot System (DRS) is a compact, modular, high-capacity, and high-throughput platform, designed and optimized for the use of Echo Liquid Handlers in sample management workflows. It is the only automation platform on the market compatible with the Echo 655T Liquid Handler, enabling the production of assay-ready plates from acoustic sample tubes. The system combines industry-leading devices and software with ergonomic and environment management options to provide a complete, easy-to-use, store-to-assay sample management solution.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum Throughput and Uptime for Echo Liquid Handler Integrations
  • Superior Flexibility in a Compact Footprint
  • Ergonomically Designed and Certified for Laboratory Use
  • Minimized Sample Hydration with Environmental Management Option
  • Includes Tempo Software 2.0 with Advanced Features for Large Scale Applications